underneath this skin,
underneath this skin,



"It’s been getting harder to
get by lately, and I’m trying to
figure out if it’s because you
are no longer here or because
I deserve this feeling of
hopelessness for being the one
to chase you off. There is no
doubt that I miss you, but when
you were here I felt as if time
was strangling me with its own
two hands. There is nothing
I would rather do than to sit
in front of these past moments
with my gaze of regret fixed
upon their greedy thoughts.
But life is not that fair and I
don’t think that there is anything
else I need to say besides
that I’m sorry, and that if I could
I would take back all of those
words that were full of ignorance.
It’s been getting a lot harder
to survive lately and I just wish
that you could come back home
and take on this battle with me."
– "I’m my own army," - Colleen Brown (via mostlyfiction)


The monsters under
the bed decided to
stay in your head
the moment you
start staying
up all night..

From LIFE, 1947

From LIFE, 1947

"You hold the
broken tiles of
your sanity within
shaking palms;

afraid to throw
away the shards,
afraid to get
your hands cut."
How's That

FKA Twigs

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The thing
about rape
is you can’t help
but learn
to be always
out for blood,
even if it’s your own.

There were times
I went hunting for him
in my skin.

There were times
I thought
my wrist
was his grin.

If you hit the right vein
you bleed in spurts
like someone
trying to hold
their laughter in.


Wolfgang Tillmans. friends. 1998.

Wolfgang Tillmans. friends. 1998.

"i’m too scared to
love again."
– six word story.